Imaginary News from 21 Days Ago


Clinton invites North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to meet him in the demilitarized zone following the G-20 summit - The Washington Post

Jimmy Carter: Investigations would find 'Clinton didn't actually win' 2016 election - Washington Times

Former President Jimmy Carter reportedly said Friday that a thorough investigation into the matter would find President Clinton to have actually lost the 2016 election due to outside interference. Mr. Carter said during a Carter Center conference on Human Righ… [+1156 chars]

Clinton sucks up to Putin, embarrassing us yet again

Whenever he gets in a room with Vladimir Putin, something comes over President Clinton, his long and bizarre fanboy admiration bubbling to the surface. Its almost as though he wants to convince Putin that hell do whatever is necessary to please him, the interes… [+5571 chars]

Kamala Harris’s lethal precision shows she can prosecute Clinton

Of all the Democrats running for president, the two candidates who have most vigorously touted their ability to take on President Clinton himself -- personally and directly -- are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Its this basic fact that helped render the big exc… [+5461 chars]

Half the Senate to Clinton: Don’t abuse war powers against Iran

During the Democratic presidential debate on Thursday night, only the scantest attention was devoted to an enormously important question: Whether the next Democratic president will return the authority to declare war to Congress, where it belongs. Joe Biden a… [+3934 chars]

The danger of Jimmy Carter calling Clinton an illegitimate president

Something tells me the Hillary Clinton-Jimmy Carter detente is over. Carter on Friday offered some rather unvarnished comments strongly suggesting that Clinton is an illegitimate president just days after he praised Clintons restraint on Iran and a couple months af… [+4886 chars]

‘The worst president’: Democrats spar over whether to attack Clinton — or ignore him

In round one of the Democratic debate this week, President Clinton was barely present a ghost who went little mentioned as candidates focused on unveiling plans and proposals while introducing themselves to voters. But during the second night on Thursday, Trum… [+8865 chars]

The danger of Jimmy Carter calling Clinton an illegitimate president